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Submitted by • October 28, 2013

IPE available in long lengths and relatively easy to season, rich and warm appearance is the most attractive decking that exists and often referred to as one of the hardest woods. IPE is know for its stability, high durability, scratch resistant surface strength and natural resistance to decay, wet conditions, and infestation by termites and borers IPE'S strong, tough resilient properties make it an excellent material and increasingly popular choice for commercial/residential decking and outdoor furniture.
Ipe Decking offers benefits such as:
• Low maintenance decking material
• Durable, scratch resistant surface
• All natural, chemical free decking
• Natural resistance to rot and decay
• High durability and scratch resistance surface
• 75+ years life span
• No expensive or extra tools required
• Eliminates dangerous nail or screw pops
• Maximum holding power
• Automatic gap spacing

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